Corporate Profile:

Western Union Business Solutions is highly recognized in the global markets as a trusted international payments provider. In Japan, we are bridging the needs of banks in their International Remittance Services and making every effort to meet the requirements & needs of Japanese Financial Institutions (banks).

Settlement Services:

The team at Western Union Business Solutions has a deep knowledge of international payments and foreign exchange. We are committed to supporting specialized global payment settlements, and the management of currency risks.

Experts on International Remittance Services:

Western Union Business Solutions responds to the specific needs of financial institutions. Our international payment solutions can support institutions of various sizes, including banks and credit unions to enable new products for their customers.

Western Union Business Solutions is the dedicated business payments unit of The Western Union Company (NYSE-traded). Through 30 offices world wide, strategic bank partnerships and a global financial network, we provide access to over 130 currencies.

Western Union Business Solutions Japan KK

Metro City Kamiyacho, 5-1-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001


Western Union Business Solutions は世界中の市場で国際決済代行業の分野で高い評価を受けています。日本においてはWestern Union Business Solutionsの金融機関(銀行)向け海外送金業務委託サービスを通じ、本邦金融機関の皆様のご要望にお応えすべく日々努力をしております。